Mexican prison tattoos

Mexican prison tattoos - the brutal, fearsome truth. The strange thing in Mexican prison of tattoos, get you before you go to jail. More than often not an individual gets tattooed, as soon as he joined a gang, and before he goes on his first "mission".

As to build his criminal career, he gets more tattoos in proportion to its status in the gang. These tattoos have a subcultural language that is all their own, with unique alien all inscriptions, but the initiated... and law enforcement.

Some of the inscriptions on the tattoo will appear:

(1) The gang emblem.

(2) the identity of the person. This is rarely the birth name of the individual, but the road a.

(3) The criminal acts committed the person on behalf of the gang.

Or a combination of both - 4) his "turf" which, where it is in the rule could be based or refer to "work" or the prisons he done time.

If this person finally will be arrested, sentenced and imprisoned, his tattoo serves as the 'ID' to include its status to other prisoners mean in the same gang. This identification will give him a degree of protection from other inmates in prison, made the fear of reprisals.

Blocked for an individual who had previously no gang affiliation is a personal decision often join a gang once within the prison walls, especially for protection from violent inmates.

As part of that covert initiation is a prison tattoo on the person, which branded the most primitive methods.

As the tattoos are made

Mexican prison tattoos and other gang members, tattoos are not the kind of thing that you walk into a tattoo Studio to demand, without getting strange looks.

These are performed, or far away from the public effort, completely underground either in prison.

Sterile, hygienic conditions in tattoo studios are a world process from the raw methods in Mexican prison tattoo busy. A needle dipped in ink and tapped into the skin. Another method is the tattoos some ink, and a piece of guitar string emerge with a raw machine by a small motor, a battery, a hollow pen.

The main bands with real celebrities in the Mexican prisons include:

(1) The La Nuestra Familia

A particularly vicious gang, the identification tattoo includes a Sombrero on a machete, covered in blood is set. The letters NF and NS provide textual identification of members.

(2) The Mexican mafia

The Mexican Mafia has a high representation in the Mexican prison system. An eagle with a snake shows their known identification tattoo in the mouth, and generally about the letter, EME perched

Other versions are known, a black colored hand logo MM include or E.M.E.

(3) Los Vatos Locos

This is an another fearsome Mexican gang. Its name translated into English, mark approaching "The Crazy Guys" and their famous tattoo is a triangle with three small points.


When a Mexican gang member wears a tattoo of a gun to see, it is a fair bet to enlists rule in the. The position of the gun on the tattoo shows the person, the role as a gunner. If it shows up, that is person means a shooter. If it just shows, that person usually grabs means a pistol.

Prison symbols

Certain tattoo designs show spent time behind bars. These include:

(1) Cell doors

(2) Barbed wire

(3) Cell Windows

(4) Towers

(5) Courtyard walls


Finally, I would like to plan on the need for all tattoo artist very carefully consider before they are a Mexican prison tattoo or tattoo to emphasize speed. Those who the importance of tattoos ' inscriptions and symbols probably know link with their message, and this could lead to an unpredictable, dangerous turn of events.

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