Mexican prison tattoos

Mexican prison tattoos - the brutal, fearsome truth. The strange thing in Mexican prison of tattoos, get you before you go to jail. More than often not an individual gets tattooed, as soon as he joined a gang, and before he goes on his first "mission".

As to build his criminal career, he gets more tattoos in proportion to its status in the gang. These tattoos have a subcultural language that is all their own, with unique alien all inscriptions, but the initiated... and law enforcement.

Some of the inscriptions on the tattoo will appear:

(1) The gang emblem.

(2) the identity of the person. This is rarely the birth name of the individual, but the road a.

(3) The criminal acts committed the person on behalf of the gang.

Or a combination of both - 4) his "turf" which, where it is in the rule could be based or refer to "work" or the prisons he done time.

If this person finally will be arrested, sentenced and imprisoned, his tattoo serves as the 'ID' to include its status to other prisoners mean in the same gang. This identification will give him a degree of protection from other inmates in prison, made the fear of reprisals.

Blocked for an individual who had previously no gang affiliation is a personal decision often join a gang once within the prison walls, especially for protection from violent inmates.

As part of that covert initiation is a prison tattoo on the person, which branded the most primitive methods.

As the tattoos are made

Mexican prison tattoos and other gang members, tattoos are not the kind of thing that you walk into a tattoo Studio to demand, without getting strange looks.

These are performed, or far away from the public effort, completely underground either in prison.

Sterile, hygienic conditions in tattoo studios are a world process from the raw methods in Mexican prison tattoo busy. A needle dipped in ink and tapped into the skin. Another method is the tattoos some ink, and a piece of guitar string emerge with a raw machine by a small motor, a battery, a hollow pen.

The main bands with real celebrities in the Mexican prisons include:

(1) The La Nuestra Familia

A particularly vicious gang, the identification tattoo includes a Sombrero on a machete, covered in blood is set. The letters NF and NS provide textual identification of members.

(2) The Mexican mafia

The Mexican Mafia has a high representation in the Mexican prison system. An eagle with a snake shows their known identification tattoo in the mouth, and generally about the letter, EME perched

Other versions are known, a black colored hand logo MM include or E.M.E.

(3) Los Vatos Locos

This is an another fearsome Mexican gang. Its name translated into English, mark approaching "The Crazy Guys" and their famous tattoo is a triangle with three small points.


When a Mexican gang member wears a tattoo of a gun to see, it is a fair bet to enlists rule in the. The position of the gun on the tattoo shows the person, the role as a gunner. If it shows up, that is person means a shooter. If it just shows, that person usually grabs means a pistol.

Prison symbols

Certain tattoo designs show spent time behind bars. These include:

(1) Cell doors

(2) Barbed wire

(3) Cell Windows

(4) Towers

(5) Courtyard walls


Finally, I would like to plan on the need for all tattoo artist very carefully consider before they are a Mexican prison tattoo or tattoo to emphasize speed. Those who the importance of tattoos ' inscriptions and symbols probably know link with their message, and this could lead to an unpredictable, dangerous turn of events.

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The evolution of the Tattoo Machine

The evolution of the Tattoo Machine, The techniques used to embed the tattoo into the skin, sometimes tied to a particular region or culture. For example, some tattoos are obtained during cultural ceremonies, rites of passage. However all tattoos lead to the creation of permanent signs and designs on the body.

In other Western industrialized countries like the United States tattoos are applied using a tattoo machine. Tattoo machines are professional equipment that really help when applying tattoo ink pigments into the skin. Their electromagnetic coils that repeatedly inserting a needle into the skin to incorporate ink or pigments. The tattoo machine contains a portable device that allows the artist to draw thin lines to shapes. It is interesting to note that tattoo artists usually refer to their equipment like tattoo machines or a tattoo that novices often use the term gun tattoo.

Most people would be surprised to find that Thomas Edison, which is usually associated with the advent of the light bulb, is partly responsible for inventing the first prototype of a tattoo machine. Mr. Edison patented a battery-powered device in 1876 and called Stencil-pens. " This device may holes in paper drawings and models are indifferent. Perforated paper would be put on a solid surface and coloured powder is sprinkled on paper. This is used to transfer the pattern on the object. It's not too hard to imagine how this technique could be used to place models and designs on the skin.

Sure, just fifteen years later the stencil-Pens has been modified by Samuel O'Reilly to include a better group of pipe, a Chamber of ink, a needle to inject the ink into the skin, a switch on and off, and the ability to adjust the pitch. O'Reilly has taped his project and received the first patent of the tattoo machine.

However, the design patented by Percy Waters in 1929 is the closest modern day tattoo machine. Waters ' design included two electromagnetic coils attached parallel to the frame. It also included a shield and spark an easier to use on and off. Water continually improved the device configuration, but the basic design remained the same for many years.

A patent for the next tattoo machine was not registered until fifty years later in 1979. It was released to Carol "Smokey" Nightingale, a former merchant marine who was nicknamed "the man with the golden needle". Carol claims to have learned tattooing techniques from her mother, a circus worker. His design included springs of various lengths for different types of work detail and a lever for total adjustability of the coils.

Modern tattoo machines can control the speed of the needle, the depth and pressure, which allowed the tattoo becoming a very precise art form. The machines are so precise and sensitive that a particular type of facial tattoo called dermapigmentation, or permanent make-up has evolved.

As you can see the tattoo machine has gone through several changes since the first device was designed by Edison over 100 years ago. This practice continues today. Almost all tattoo artists purchase standard machines and then modify them to accommodate their tattoo styles and application techniques. As such, no two tattoo machines are the same. Although most tattoo artists do not take time to patent and register their edits that are still improving on the original design, regardless of how small changes can be.

Exoticism beauty of the Japanese Yakuza Tattoos Female

Exoticism beauty of the Japanese Yakuza Tattoos Female, Yakuza synonymous with the dreaded gangster Japanese society. The distinctive feature of the members of the Yakuza is a tattoo that normally adorn almost all of their bodies. Friend, Every tattoo has a characteristic and their meanings, such as a dragon that symbolizes courage, fearless and intelligent. Yakuza was not only a man who tattooed his body, but the members of the woman or the wife of a Yakuza also have a "'duty' to their bodies tattooed. Behind the frightening and ferocious impression attached to the name of the Yakuza, the art of making traditional Japanese tattoo is permanent attention to the beauty in the making. Below are some photos of the exotic and beautiful women tattoo Yakuza.

Yakuza synonymous with the dreaded gangster Japanese society. The distinctive feature of the members of the Yakuza is a tattoo that normally adorn almost all of their bodies. Friend, Every tattoo has a characteristic and their meanings, such as a dragon that symbolizes courage, fearless and intelligent. Yakuza was not only a man who tattooed his body, but the members of the woman or the wife of a Yakuza also have a "'duty' to their bodies tattooed. Behind the frightening and ferocious impression attached to the name of the Yakuza, the art of making traditional Japanese tattoo is permanent attention to the beauty in the making. Below are some photos of the exotic and beautiful women tattoo Yakuza.

Tips for proper care of a new Tattoo

Tips for proper care of a new Tattoo, Before entering the tips to take proper care of your new tattoo it is important that you follow the instructions the tattoo artist Were made available to you. If by chance they are different from the direction provided in this article, always reference their instructions. However if no Instructions Were provided for you then this is what you need to know.

Of course now that ' you have new and Wente has a tattoo you will want to take care of the Extras is healing! From the moment you leave the tattoo shop tattoo artist you are no longer responsible for the care of Your tattoo and any infection that might have. So it's Still very important for you to follow these steps. You will not want to tattoo your new beautiful to turn into infected ment if not taken proper care of.

1. leave Bandag Alone

The artists you chose took great care in Covering your new tattoo for you for good reason. That's the reason is to keep any bacteria that are carried by the air or pathogens from attacking ment. Although the tattoo is still ment. As with any open flash ment is now a hotbed of infection and bacteria. You will need to leave a Covering at least two hours. I know you're excited about it and want to show it off to your friends and family when you see say but You need to be patient.

There is one rule we can make an Exception and that if Your tattoo artist is Covered with plastic Covering type. This cover can be very dangerous for your new tattoo. So, if this is the case then you will need to remove the plastic wrap as soon as possibl. You better not have anything Covering rather than having covered in plastic wrap.

2. treat and wash

After a period of two hours minimum for leaving Covering You then it's time to remove it. After removing the Covering you will want to treat and wash your new tattoo. Ment to clean you will need to wash it off with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. Lightweight washed away any Salve lagging and blood or plasma to completely clean the area. Avoid using anything that is itching! It is actually best to wash your tattoo with your hands. Of course the first wash your hands in the same SOAP.

After washing you will need to drain (do not massage) tattoo decisively with a clean TOWEL to get thorough padlock. Follow up with a light application of your choice a Salve.

3. Special Lotions and products

There are the SPECIALTY PRODUCTS dry you can use, if you choose, such as Tattoo Goo and H2Ocean and ask Your pharmacist about over the counter Products that work. Use products that are geared for 3-5 days.

After 3-5 days have passed you have to Continue to keep Your tattoo soft and suppl. This can be done by using the lotion. Remember any Lotion you choose should swear Fragrance and dye free.

4. Bath, shower, pool and Hot Tubs

You must continue to take a shower with my new tattoo like you normally do, or it will not harm Your tattoo in any way. The water will not cause any type of Damage or infection during Your tattoo tattoos do not soak in water. Soaking Your tattoo in bath water or any water Will cause damage to decide and want to should be avoided for a minimum of 2-3 bar Sunday. As a fine to be as long as you don't stand up and let the water remain in the tattoo. If you happen to get shampoo or SOAP in a tattoo then simply Rins it off quickly. Swim, whether it's in a pool or sea water salt SHOULD ALSO be avoided for at lease 2 weeks.

5. the Scabbing and peeling

It is quite Likely after a few days if you see some scabbing and peeling a bit. Extreme Scabbing could be an indicator of bad tattoos done but if it's just a small amount then this is normal. There is absolutely no need to panic. If this happens on a scab then Apply warm moist (not soaked) compress to crusty for about 5 minutes 2-3 times a day. This will help to ease the fall helps to finally come of itself. Do not Apply ointments or lotion to a softened scab – just wait for it to lock on its own. You can also start to itch, like Sunburn when it is Beginning to heal. My advice to is to ignore it. DON'T Scratch or PICK at the scab. If the Peel then just put Lotion on it and if it's scabbing and then leave it alone. This means that Your tattoo is almost fully recovered and now is not the time for you to mess it up.

6. Protection from the Sun

After running your new tattoo healed you will want to protect them from the harmful rays of the Sun

How to Take Care of a New Tattoo - Tips to Help You With Aftercare

How to sorg of ' n New Tattoo-Wenke to yours to help with Nasorg, One of those first dinge what must know when to ' jy n tattoo is how to sorg vir ' n new tattoo. Fortunately the ek 'n baie vir my good tattoo artist do my tattoos if nie ek sal waarskynlik door each other the dinge rather ' n little. On one of my first broken wat ek use too much and the salf 'n baie of that ink from that new tattoo.

Only betroubare tattoo shop and hul artists sal gee yours instructions ear tattoo nasorg. Make sure that you behoorlik. You really want to go through all door hê nie that pyn and than anything go wrong. That most artists sal nie vir touch work yours, but this is unnecessary pyn decide.

Here's a few steps how to wenke and sorg vir ' n new tattoo

Love that new tattoo-related ear vir ' n few hours. After what verwyder that blindfold ear that tattoo and do this nie re-connection.
Was that new tattoo with liggies ' n antibakteriese seep. Skrop nie or too much pressure. Make sure that the area of any blood, liggaamsvloeistowwe, and seep off to rinse. Do this every few hours until that dripping stop.
After this crop is you new tattoo, do apply to ' n that area salf healing. Vitamien D salf is recommend hoogs. Net nie too many sit. Jy sal wants to ' n ' n hê few times this day to do.
In to elect to that, or after a few salf dae of the use of just that, beginning bevogtiging of those getatoeëer salf area various kere per day. Make sure that ' n to use unscented and alkohol vry bevogtiger.
Vermy long bath, hotpots, swembaddens or any other prolonged exposure to water. But again that collapsed is fyn, skrop nie kragtig area or keep this in water absorb. Axis that tattoo on your hand or wrist, skottelgoed vir ' n lang tydperk vermy to was (lucky you!)
Vermy die son. Die son can do to you new tattoo, but skade altyd veral that case when you new tattoo still genesing. Jy nie wants hê to dry that tattoo genesing and decide to get to that ' n sonbrand hê nie. Make that ' spacious amount of seker Altyd n die son to use on yours tattoo or you block tattoo sal fade.
Never choose or scratch that getatoeëer area, selfs (and especially) If this rowe up or "n sheet skille road. Let that tattoo on sy eie fully cure.
In general, use versorging yours gesonde sense when that new tattoo. Treat you like that most other oop tattoo soos jy jou liggaam wound on. Was this, hydra, love this skoon and vermy exposure to water and sunlight. Follow that and you get instructions bogenoemde wenke and jy, volkome medicine and keep good tattoo sal jy sal totally gesond.

Omar Reyes is the writer, Publisher, and 'n tattoo-entoesias. For more information about tattoo design idees